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Here at New Street Dental Care we understand what it means to be a nervous patient when it comes to seeking dental treatment and wanting to improve the health and appearance of your teeth but you are confronted with so many concerns, that picking the phone up to make that call is such a massive step let alone walking into any dental surgery!

We understand all the reasons why you may not want to have dental treatment and you will find that our pain prevention is excellent, we always use anaesthetic gels to numb up the gum. You will find that all our staff understand your concerns and will also help you through your appointments and treatments.

We will never judge you so the fact that you are nervous we know there is no shame in this natural feeling and never be ashamed about your teeth with us, we understand your real fears has possibly kept you away from seeking help sooner.

If you find calling us is just too big a step, why not consider emailing us and this is often an easier step than speaking to us, so please email us with your concerns:

Nervous patient questionnaire

We also have a comprehensive nervous patient questionnaire which will allow us to understand your concerns and you can also tell us your previous experiences and why it has been so difficult for you to contemplate having any dental treatment again.

Once you feel happier about us and our understanding of your concerns, you will find it easier to then call us and come in. Sometimes we will just ask you to come in and meet the team and look around without sitting in the dental chair so that you can take things a step at a time at your pace.

At this point you will have more options for added help, we are all very happy to talk you through a dental check up and often this is all that is then needed as you get to know us and feel that we really understand your needs and concerns.

Sometimes you will feel that you still need more reassurance and confidence. The and the next step which has had great success, is Hypnotherapy with our great hypnotherapist Mark Williams and he has successfully treated many nervous patients to confidently accept treatments. He is professionally trained offering a modern clinical approach, feel free to ask us for him to contact you first if you would prefer.

Again, there are occasions when urgent treatment is needed and you just want the treatment done as soon as possible, we can offer you sedation with one of our very caring Consultant Anaesthetists who will come to New Street Dental Care and give you sedation so that treatment can be accomplished in a relaxed state with the great benefit of not remembering any of the procedure.

Hypnotherapy with Mark Williams

  • Half hour deep relaxation sessions to reduce anxiety & worry
  • One hour pain management sessions
  • Treatment plans to help with phobias and issues
  • Help with Anxiety & Pain
  • Cognitive behavioural techniques
  • NLP Life coaching skills
  • Sessions at New Street Dental Care or at his therapy room
  • Free personal audios

Sedation with a Consultant Anaesthetist

We have found that the presence of a consultant anaesthetist with the appropriate specialty skills in sedation can add to a smooth and relaxed treatment course for you. This specialised presence can potentially shorten appointment times for you and will allow your dentist to focus on providing you with the treatment you require.

Our team of consultant anaesthetists, who all have great expertise in the fields of sedation and general anaesthesia. We are able to provide you modern, safe dental sedation and are we are equipped and skilled to deal with all medical emergencies.